Life and Dreams

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dreamsI heard taking melatonin helps you have a great night sleep so I have tried it.  I don’t know about the sleep part but it sure does give you vivid dreams. Dreams that seem so real. Dreams that make you think about your own life. I won’t go into detail about my dream because, lets be honest, they never make sense when you try to tell them to another person. I was however, happily greeted by so many important people that have been in my life. Many close friends and even ex boyfriends. (I will say, it was a pleasant dream so if our relationship ended badly, you probably didn’t make this eye opening experience.)  I then realized that I probably won’t see some of these people ever again in my life and I wanted to go back to sleep just to spend more time with everyone.


I have spent all day thinking about this dream and all the people that have come and gone from my life. I am so very grateful for each and every person, good and bad that was placed in my path. One thing I know for sure is that everything that is suppose to happen, will happen in God’s time. I’ve loved good people at the wrong time in my life and not so great people at the right time. They have all helped me on my journey and each taught me a lesson. I’m thankful God has used me to help others along their paths as well.  I was placed on a very direct path for my purpose in life and although I won’t know my purpose until after I’m gone, I am grateful for God’s path.


For everyone in my life, thank you for helping me through this journey. You have all played a part in my life. For all the people I haven’t met yet, I can’t wait to see where you shall lead me. For everyone in my dream last night, It was so good to see you and someday in heaven, we shall all hang out again!


God bless you all!

xoxo, Holly

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  1. Donna says:

    You have an amazing heart. Thank GOD for Bachelor and BP2, twitter and FB.. I am a much better person for being your fan. So corny, but so true. Your smile is contagious.

  2. Marie Langford says:

    Holly GIrl – you should spend more time writing – even if it’s just on a scratch pad so you get your thoughts down and elaborate later on your thoughts. My grandkids and I enjoy Chocolate Socks often. Love you, Great Aunt Marie

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