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  1. Tina says:

    So glad you guys made it your so sweet

  2. Lorena says:

    What a beautiful wedding! You looked soo beautiful, and Blake looked really handsome. All the best to you both!

  3. marta says:

    soy una señora mayor que me entretenía en ver el programa, me encanto y sobretodo Holly que es encantadora la felicito por el casamiento con Blake, me gusto mucho su sonrisa, besos.Marta

  4. teresa says:

    You both look so in love with each other. I wish every one could experience this kind of love. Best wishes for your new family.

  5. Shantalle says:

    WOW! What a beautiful ceremony. The church is breath taking and Blake’s face when he sees you Holly is only what every woman can hope for. What a special day. Congrats and good luck on all your future endeavors!

  6. Vi says:

    I wish the best for you all blake is super handsome and holly is super beautiful

  7. Vi says:

    Am literally crying I love when Blake face started to cry when he saw her

  8. FE says:

    Holly, just now is passing BAchelor Pad 2…tomorrow is thi final…but, I just to see….you was the winner and married with Blake!! Perfect couple!! Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you…

  9. hhh says:

    Oh my gosh, I have watched your wedding video so many times, get emotional every time I’ve watched it – – so happy for you two and can’t wait to see the beautiful babies you will have!!

  10. Britney says:

    Awe, I just watched your video and got teary eyed! Congrats to you both! I can’t wait to get your book too for my 4 yr old daughter!

  11. Rochelle says:

    Congratulations Blake and Holly..I am such a fan of you both..from Philippines

  12. Kerry says:

    Sweet and lovely, very sentimental. Blake’s eyes filling up when watching you walk down the aisle was very touching. May you enjoy many happy years together, and be blessed each day. Holly, you were a beautiful bride.

  13. Mary says:

    You are so adorable. This is the most precious video. Congratulations and good luck for a happy life together! There is nothing better than being married to your best friend.

  14. Tracie says:

    You guys are the cutest couple! I love that Blake got emotional when he saw you walking down the isle!! So beautiful! <3.

  15. Robbie says:

    How beautiful!! I love this video. I had to watch it more than once. I enjoyed watching the two of you get together on the Bachelor Pad. You both look very much in love. When times get tough and you hit a valley, hold steady, pray and look forward to the peak to come because it will. Love is a decision as much if not more than a feeling. May the two of you decide to love each other forever. Holly, you are gorgeous. The emotion shown by Blake when he saw you walking down the aisle was priceless. Congratulations!!!

  16. Megan says:

    Wow, that was BEAUTIFUL. Congrats!!!

  17. Amanda says:

    I have replayed this video over and over and over again! I absolutely love it. You and Blake are such a beautiful couple and I wish you both nothing but happiness. I’m a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise, and you guys have always been my favorite couple to come out of it. This video seriously captures the pictures of true love. I hope to have this at my wedding!

  18. Siham says:

    I CAN’T STOP CRYING . So beautiful

  19. Pamela says:

    I am a wedding planner and I really want you to know something. I must have watched the part where the church doors open and Blake sees you, at least 20 times. The look on his face when he saw you…was just so incredibly beautiful. It was so pure and honest. It is so obvious that you two were just meant to become one. Always remember that moment. If you ever have any problems….just go back to that moment, because there is absolutely nothing but love on your faces, in that church…on that beautiful day.

    • Melissa says:

      Beautiful in every way! Congrats, best wishes for a long healthy, happy marriage:)

      P.S Loved you both on the Batchelor Pad

  20. Steve Gagnon says:

    Blake & Holly – followed you all through bachelor pad and have never seen a couple so meant to be together… as time has proved, now you are and my prayer for you both is happiness always and true love forever. Congratulations!

  21. Wouter says:

    Holly and Blake- I’m a teenager from belgium and i did just see the season of bachelor pad i was really happy after seeing a couple so beatiful and cute. I was really enjoying to see you two together. The video of youre wedding is so nice. The moment Blake asks Holly to marry him was so wonderful i looked to it five times. You two as couple is are so cute!
    Holly and Blake i wish you two the very best in life.


    sorry for my bad english i’m living in belgium and i’m only fourteen 😉

  22. leslie says:

    Holly and Blake, a love story to go down in history. It is unusual and rare for outsiders to be able to see such love and emotion – what an outstanding and upstanding couple you are.

    Thank you for sharing your love with the world.

    May God Bless your marriage and give you many, many wonderful years together.

    Leslie (south Africa)

  23. Tonya Wariner says:


  24. Jill St. Peter says:

    What a beautiful video. You two look so in love! Inspiring 🙂

  25. Sarah says:

    What a beautiful wedding! You looked beautiful, no wonder Blake cryed! I want one of these videos for my wedding!! <3

  26. Marilisa says:

    Bellissimi……Bellissimi…….l’emozione negli occhi di Blake quando sei entrata in chiesa e’ il vero AMORE quello che viene dal cuore, siete due Anime gemelle. Absolutely Awesome.

  27. Kyoko says:

    Wow I never knew that you and Blake were going to get married.
    Make sure that Blake is kind to you and you be kind to him so that
    You both can have a happy life together. Have a happy life together
    And hope you get children!!!


  28. Marie Langford says:

    Awesome wedding and video.

  29. Jasmine Jan says:

    This video was edited and created very well. This wedding video is so cute and romantic! I cried while watching the video. I just hope that one day I can find my one true love who is my bestfriend and soul mate forever like you did. I liked the part in the video where Blake started crying when you were walking down and you looked so beautifully. Your wedding dress is gorgoues. You and Blake make the cuties couple ever!

  30. Michelle says:

    ILY! 🙂 😛

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